Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 507 Original Sheet No. 507 : Pending






interest to the extent such payments exceeded monthly demand charges

commencing December 1, 1993 of $2.44 per unit of billing

determinants underlying the G Customer Settlement [as shown in

Section 38.5(a)(1)], as adjusted under Section 38.5(d).


(5) In the event that any of the G Customers no

longer has any transportation agreement for delivery into its

traditional market area in effect on Natural but still has an unpaid

balance remaining of the amount set out in Section 38.5(a)(1), as

adjusted under Section 38.5(d), such customers shall pay Natural

such remaining unpaid balance, plus applicable interest at

Commission approved rates, in equal monthly installments over the

period during which such customer would have fully funded its cost

responsibility at the average monthly Supply Realignment Cost

revenue collected from it throughout the interval after December 1,

1993 when such customer did have such transportation agreement(s) on



(c) The G Customer Settlement resolves all issues of

prudence and eligibility as between Natural and the G Customers with

respect to Order No. 636 transition costs; provided, however, that

any of the G Customers may raise eligibility issues to the extent

consistent with Article IV of the NCG Settlement and shall have the

same rights with respect to such issues as a member of the Natural

Customer Group under said Article IV.


(d) (1) On or before September 1, 1998, Natural shall

prepare and file with the Commission and provide to the G Customers

a Reconciliation Report setting out by customer total collections

hereunder from the G Customers compared with the amounts recoverable

from each of the G Customers under Section 38.5(a)(1). Natural will

be preparing concurrently a Reconciliation Report for the Natural

Customer Group under Section 38.10(a). In the event that the

average Demand Surcharge rate for the Natural Customer Group for the

forty-eight (48) month period commencing December 1, 1993,

recalculated based on such Natural Customer Group reconciliation, is

less than $3.12, then the amount payable by each of the G Customers

shall be reduced to an amount equal to the figure shown in Section

38.5(a)(1) multiplied by the ratio of the recalculated Demand

Surcharge rate to $3.12. Any such lower amount shall be

incorporated in the reconciliation under this subsection.