Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: <Filing Not found>, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 477A Original Sheet No. 477A







(1) Gas delivered to Natural or by Natural shall

contain a daily, monthly and yearly average Btu Value of not less than

nine hundred fifty (950) Btus per cubic foot. Natural may, from time to

time, establish and post on the Informational Postings portion of its

Interactive Website an upper Btu value limit for receipts on specified

segments or other specified locations on its system to assure that gas

will be accepted for delivery into interconnects with interstate and

intrastate pipelines, plants, end-users or directly connected local

distribution companies, consistent with the delivery requirement set out

in subsection (3) below. Natural will include in any such posting the

anticipated duration of the limitation. Points with an actual flow of

100 Dth/d or less will be exempt from the limitation in any such

posting. Natural will provide as much prior notice of any such

limitation as reasonably practicable and will attempt to provide this

prior notice in the posting at least ten (10) Days before the beginning

of the month in which the limitation is to be effective. If prior

notice by posting at least ten (10) Days before the beginning of the

month is not practicable, Natural will explain the reason in the posting

why it was unable to give such prior notice.



(2) Notwithstanding the foregoing, except under

an Operational Flow Order, Natural may not decline to accept gas based

on its Btu Value if the Btu Value of the gas is equal to or less than:

(i) 1,110 Btus per cubic foot, for gas receipts in the Permian,

Midcontinent, South Texas, TexOk, and Louisiana Receipt Zones; and (ii)

1,065 Btus per cubic foot for gas receipts in the Amarillo Mainline,

Gulf Coast Mainline and the Iowa-Illinois Market Receipt Zones.


(3) Except as otherwise agreed with the downstream

entity receiving the gas, Natural will deliver gas with a Btu Value of

not greater than 1,065 Btus per cubic foot in the Iowa-Illinois Receipt

Zone, and not greater than 1,110 Btus per cubic foot in all other Receipt



(4) If Natural posts a Btu Value limitation under

subsection (1) hereof, Natural will calculate the Btu Value at any point

of receipt into Natural's system affected by the posting on request of

the operator of that point or any producer, purchaser, supply aggregator

or Shipper with gas being tendered at that point.