Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 473 Original Sheet No. 473 : Pending






present. The other party at its sole expense, and subject to the

work requirements of the measuring party, may request interim

calibration or testing. Following any test, any measuring equipment

found to be inaccurate to any degree shall be adjusted immediately

to measure accurately.




The other party shall have access at all reasonable

times to the measuring equipment and all other instruments used by

the measuring party in determining the measurement and quality of

the gas delivered under the Agreement, but the reading, calibrating,

and adjusting thereof shall be done only by employees, agents or

representatives of the measuring party. The charts and records shall

be kept on file by the measuring party, for mutual use of the

parties hereto, for a minimum period of the greater of: (1) the

period during which billings are subject to correction under these

General Terms and Conditions; or (2) such retention period as is

required by applicable governmental regulation. The measuring party

shall, upon request, submit to the other party records and charts

from such equipment, subject to return by that party within thirty

(30) days after receipt thereof. If Natural is not the measuring

party, Shipper shall provide, or arrange for Natural to have, access

to such data.




If, in the aggregate, measurement errors for a meter are

found to be inaccurate by more than the greater of two percent (2%)

or 500 Dth per day, registration thereof and any payments based upon

such registration shall be corrected at the rate of such inaccuracy

for any period of inaccuracy which is definitely known or agreed

upon, but not to exceed the twelve (12) months prior to the current

gas month, but in case the period of inaccuracy is not definitely

known or agreed upon, then for a period extending back one-half

(1/2) of the time elapsed since the last day of calibration, but not

to exceed forty-five (45) days. Except where there is a deliberate

omission or misrepresentation or mutual mistake of fact, measurement

data corrections will be processed within six (6) months of the

production month with a three (3) month rebuttal period (recognizing

that the parties' other statutory or contractual rights shall not

otherwise be diminished by this sentence).