Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 446 Original Sheet No. 446 : Pending






arrangements covered by this Section attributable to the period this

tracker is in effect, including any refund(s) credited to Natural for

such period after this tracker has otherwise expired. A rate adjustment

(which may be positive or negative) to eliminate the balance of this

deferred account over a 6-month period commencing with the next

effective date shall be included in each semi-annual tracking filing.

Any over or under-recoveries in this deferred account shall be

reflected in future deferred account adjustments.


(d) Natural shall establish separate rates hereunder for

the Midwest and Production Zones, as defined in Section 21.7 of these

General Terms and Conditions; provided, however, that once Natural has

no remaining costs to be recovered in the Production Zone due to the

expiration of its underlying contracts, the last of which expired on

November 30, 1997, all future rate adjustments associated with the

Production Zone with a cumulative net cost effect of $25,000 or less

shall be reflected in the Midwest Zone only. If the cumulative net

adjustments reallocated from the Production Zone to the Midwest Zone

ever exceed a net cost of $25,000, Natural shall reinstate the

Production Zone surcharge, with all Production Zone amounts in excess

of such net cumulative cost of $25,000 being allocated to the

Production Zone. Rates hereunder shall be developed and billings

hereunder shall be assessed based on the demand or reservation billing

units under all Part 284 firm transportation Agreements in effect sixty

(60) days prior to the date the semi-annual tracking filing will go

into effect [storage services other than DSS and individually

certificated transportation arrangements in Volume No. 2 of this Tariff

are excluded, and Shippers under Rate Schedule FTS-G ("G Customers")

shall be reflected at an imputed daily contract demand equal to G

Customers' annual commodity volumes divided by the product of three

hundred sixty-five (365) times fifty percent (50%)], adjusted as



(1) Known and measurable changes that will be

effective on the effective date of the semi-annual adjustment.


(2) No Account No. 858 costs shall be allocated

to contracts executed prior to December 1, 1993 to the extent Natural

is unable contractually to collect any additional amounts attributable

to Account No. 858 surcharges under such contracts nor, to the extent

such contracts are so excluded, shall the billing units under such

contracts be utilized in developing rates under this Section 21. No

Account No. 858 costs shall be allocated to, nor shall Natural assess

any charges to, FRSS Agreements.