Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2010, Docket: RP10-1223-000, Status: Pending

First Revised Sheet No. 405 First Revised Sheet No. 405

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 405









(a) Natural maintains the Interactive Website, a FERC

compliant interactive internet web site which is available for use

by Shippers and other interested parties. The web site has both

secure and non-secure regions. Information of a general nature is

included in the non-secure region while confidential Shipper

specific data is accessible only through the secure region, which

requires a logon and password. Daily back-up records of information

displayed or entered through this web site are archived, and non-

secure information is accessible to customers on a non-

discriminatory basis. The data is kept for a three (3) year period,

inclusive of both current and archived data.


Natural posts gas quality information as follows:


(1) Natural provides on the Informational Postings

portion of its Interactive Website a link to the natural gas quality

provisions of this Tariff.


(2) Natural provides on the Informational Postings

portion of its Interactive Website daily average gas quality

information for prior gas day(s), to the extent routinely collected

and readily available, for location(s) that are representative of

mainline gas flow. To the extent that Natural monitors tariff-based

gas quality provisions for locations representative of mainline gas

flow by non-electronic methods (e.g., spot sample) such information

will be posted as soon as practicable. The gas quality information

posted pursuant to this tariff provision is operational in nature.


For purposes of this tariff provision,

"readily available" is that data which is currently available in

electronic format or would be available electronically with minor

enhancement(s) to existing data collection, processing and reporting



This gas quality information is reported in

units as specified in this tariff's General Terms and Conditions.

Gas Quality information not specified in these General Terms and

Conditions, if posted, is posted using units determined by Natural.


The information available for the identified

location(s) is provided in a downloadable format. In any event,

compliance with gas quality requirements is in accordance with