Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 373 Original Sheet No. 373 : Pending





(f) Unless otherwise agreed by Natural or otherwise

provided herein, cashout procedures shall not apply to volumes in a

point operator's account; provided, however, that any volume

remaining in operator's account upon termination of a Point

Operator Allocation Agreement shall be cashed out based on the

cashout prices for the last month such agreement was in effect.

The point operator may transfer gas out of its account by

submitting nominations for transportation and for storage

injections or withdrawals subject to ordinary confirmation and

scheduling procedures.


(g) Natural may cancel any Point Operator Allocation

Agreement in the event that point operator's account exceeds a

reasonable level in relation to the MDQ at the point(s) covered, if

the point operator does not take reasonable steps to rectify

imbalances on a timely basis, or if the point operator exceeds with

unreasonable frequency the 2% monthly restriction under this



(h) Aggregators of supply at any point which do not

control physical operation of the point may request that they be

allowed to enter into allocation agreements similar to Point

Operator Allocation Agreement(s) as to specified volumes or

Agreements delivering gas at the point, but any such request must

include a consent by the physical point operator and other entities

which could receive an allocation of gas under such agreement and

is subject to review by Natural as to its practicability.




Natural generally obtains a Point Operator Allocation

Agreement for every point where deliveries are being made by

Natural on behalf of multiple entities. In some situations,

however, the point operator may not be willing to accept

responsibility for the disposition of all deliveries at the point.

Under those circumstances, Natural shall not be obligated to

commence or continue physical gas deliveries to the point or to

confirm any nominations for delivery to the point unless there is a

Point Management Agreement (PMA) in effect at the point. A PMA

shall specify the entity (which may be the point operator or

another entity with access to and control of the meter equipment at

the point if agreed by the point operator) which is to provide to

Natural the allocation of physical gas deliveries to entities

behind the point. Any PMA must be agreed to by the point operator

and the entity which will be providing allocations to Natural