Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 352 Original Sheet No. 352 : Pending





(a) Such agreement must set out a mutually agreeable

procedure for dealing, as between Natural and Balance Operator, with

any difference between confirmed nominations and actual physical gas

flow caused by operational conditions, so that any such discrepancy

does not affect any Shipper;


(b) The Balance Operator must meet the same

creditworthiness standards as Shipper;


(c) Natural and Balance Operator must not have

previously entered into such agreement which was terminated because of

Balance Operator's failure to perform. Nothing herein is intended to

restrict Natural's right to terminate in accordance with its terms any

agreement entered into hereunder, including without limitation the

right to terminate for Balance Operator's failure to perform

consistent with its obligations under the agreement.




(a) Contained in Natural's Catalog of Points are points

which Natural has designated as "Central Delivery Points" (CDPs). A

CDP is composed of all the interconnections between Natural and an

individual local distribution company (LDC) in the Market Delivery

Zone that are within close geographical proximity as determined by

Natural with regard to the operational constraints of its system.

CDPs may also be developed for other entities or groups on a case-by-

case basis, subject to any requisite approvals by affected LDCs.

Shippers may nominate deliveries under both firm and interruptible

Agreements to a CDP in lieu of the individual interconnections that

make up the CDP. Except as described in subsection (b) hereof, all

deliveries to the individual Delivery Points which make up the CDP

will be aggregated together for purposes of allocating deliveries

among Shippers and Agreements pursuant to Section 11 and determining

whether Balancing Service or Overrun Charges and penalties are

applicable. CDPs may not be utilized as the specified Delivery Point

in an IBS Agreement, except as permitted under Section 7(c) of Rate

Schedule IBS.


(b) A CDP may not be a primary Delivery Point, but

instead the individual Delivery Point(s) to an LDC and corresponding

individual MDQ(s) at such point(s) shall be specified in firm

transportation Agreements and in DSS Agreements. Unless such

deliveries are nominated by Shipper and confirmed by Natural, Natural

has no obligation to deliver on any day under any such Agreement any

volumes in excess of the individual MDQ specified in that Agreement at

a given point. Whenever Natural determines that operating conditions