Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 339 Original Sheet No. 339 : Pending








Natural's maximum obligation to deliver gas at the

Delivery Point(s) under an Agreement shall never exceed the lesser

of: (1) the applicable MDQ under the Agreement in the aggregate or

at each point as specified in the Agreement or as applicable to any

point under this Tariff; or (2) the total daily volume Shipper or

its designee is willing and able to receive at the Delivery





Natural shall not be obligated, during any hour, to

deliver a total volume of gas at any Delivery Point in excess of six

and twenty-five hundredths percent (6.25%) of Shipper's aggregate

MDQs for firm service at such Delivery Point, and Natural may impose

such restriction whenever, in Natural's sole judgment, such

restriction is necessary in order to meet its delivery obligations.

However, in the event that Shipper's load pattern temporarily

requires deliveries at any Delivery Point in excess of such

restriction, Natural will, on request of Shipper, use its best

efforts to accommodate such load pattern, and will consult with

Shipper in an effort to generally accommodate load variation to the

maximum extent feasible and compatible with the needs of Shippers as

a group. If, after written request by Natural, Shipper fails to

restrict its hourly takes as specified herein, Natural may install

and operate a load limiting device at any Delivery Point where such

failure has occurred. The cost for such device, including the cost

of installation, shall be paid by Shipper within 30 days of its

receipt of the bill therefor.




Unless otherwise described in an Agreement, the Delivery

Point(s) for transportation Agreements shall be located at the

interconnection between the facilities of Shipper or its designee,

and the facilities of Natural. Delivery Points for storage

Agreements shall be the storage points defined in these General

Terms and Conditions.