Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 333 Original Sheet No. 333 : Pending





the Commission. To avoid termination, the Shipper must satisfy Section

16(b) of these General Terms and Conditions within this notice period.

Such notice may be given simultaneously with the notice provided for in

Section 5.12(a)(1) of these General Terms and Conditions.


(e) In addition to any prior notice provided for above, Natural

shall simultaneously notify the Commission in writing of any suspension or

termination of service under this Section 5.12.


(f) Natural may not take any action under this Section 5.12

which conflicts with any order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.




In the event that Natural is advised by a Shipper under a firm

DSS, FTS, FFTS, or FTS-G Agreement that delivery of gas is necessary to

avoid irreparable injury to life or property (including environmental

emergencies) or to provide for minimum plant protection, Natural may adjust

the volumes scheduled or curtailed (including diverting gas from other

Shippers as necessary) to deliver the volumes required within such

Shipper's MDQ to avoid or mitigate the emergency situation to the extent

Natural can do so without creating an emergency situation for the Shippers

with reduced volumes; provided, however, that no relief shall be available

hereunder to the extent a Shipper has been relying on interruptible gas or

transportation to serve the use for which relief is being requested. To

qualify for such emergency relief, Shipper must certify within twenty-four

(24) hours that it has utilized all other sources of gas supply, that it is

providing no interruptible services and that it or its customers could not

use alternate fuel. If emergency relief is sought by more than one

Shipper, any volumes which Natural can provide shall be prorated, if

necessary, based on the sum of MDQs under all of the firm Agreements listed

above for each of the requesting Shippers. The Shipper receiving relief

volumes shall pay for any volumes it receives in excess of the volumes

otherwise available under Natural's scheduling and curtailment procedures a

unit rate equal to the highest charge for failure to comply with an

Operational Flow Order during a Critical Time as specified in Section 23.

If Natural subsequently determines that Shipper was not eligible for the

emergency relief received, the charge shall be twice that specified in the

prior sentence. Except when emergency curtailment relief is provided

during a Critical Time (in which event the disposition of the revenues

shall be in accordance with Section 23), any revenues received by Natural

from such Shipper in excess of the sum of otherwise applicable charges and

any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Natural as a result of providing

relief shall be distributed among all Shippers which received reduced

volumes due to such emergency relief in proportion to their volumetric