Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 327 Original Sheet No. 327 : Pending





(ii) If there is capacity sufficient to

provide some but not all services, Natural shall interrupt such

services from the lowest daily rate to the highest daily rate being






(i) Service under Rate Schedule IBS shall

be scheduled and curtailed based on Natural's line pack capability

and offsetting Access Requests on the relevant portions of its

system. Service shall not be provided under Rate Schedule IBS, and

service pursuant to a confirmed Access Request under Rate Schedule

IBS shall be interrupted, if such service would be detrimental to

Natural's ability to provide firm services or to provide any

priority interruptible rights as identified in Section 5.7(a)

above. Natural shall also interrupt or decline to schedule service

under Rate Schedule IBS before taking any actions under the

Operational Control Sequence set out in Section 23.4 of these

General Terms and Conditions to the extent that the service under

Rate Schedule IBS would have any effect adverse to Natural's system

in relation to the conditions which give rise to such operational

control measures.


(ii) If providing service under any IBS

Agreement would have an adverse affect on providing any other

interruptible service, the IBS Agreement shall, for scheduling and

balancing purposes, be assigned the priority of the transportation

Agreement to which the IBS Agreement is linked, with overrun

volumes being assigned priority on the same basis as overrun

volumes under the linked transportation Agreement.



(iii) In the event Natural can provide some

service under Rate Schedule IBS on any portion of its system

predicated on the level of line pack, but the line pack capability

on any day is insufficient to schedule all Access Requests under

Rate Schedule IBS, first priority for scheduling and curtailment

purposes shall be granted to Access Requests which are linked to a

firm transportation Agreement (if allocation within this class is

required, allocation shall be pro rata based on MDQ). If

sufficient capability is available to serve some but not all Access

Requests under IBS Agreements linked to interruptible

transportation Agreements, service under Rate Schedule IBS shall be

allocated based on the price paid under the linked interruptible

transportation Agreement.