Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 323 Original Sheet No. 323 : Pending






Schedules DSS and NSS shall be allocated between legs as follows: No-

notice injections under Rate Schedule DSS shall initially be allocated

fifty percent (50%) to the Gulf Coast Line and fifty percent (50%) to

the Amarillo Line and no-notice injections under Rate Schedule NSS shall

initially be allocated to the Gulf Coast Line in the Gulf Coast

Percentage and to the Amarillo Line in the Amarillo Percentage where the

applicable Delivery Point is in the Iowa-Illinois Receipt Zone (Gulf

Coast Percentage and Amarillo Percentage are defined in Section

5.3(b)(3) of Rate Schedule NSS); provided, however, that if Natural has

posted a waiver of seasonal inventory requirements by leg, the

allocation shall reflect such waiver. In the event that the volume so

allocated to the Gulf Coast Line for no-notice injections for a Shipper

exceeds the volume of gas nominated and flowing from Gulf Coast Line

sources for that Shipper on that day, the volume in excess of the

nominated and flowing gas shall be reallocated for that day to the

Amarillo Line. For no-notice injections under Rate Schedule NSS where

the applicable Delivery Point is outside the Iowa-Illinois Receipt Zone,

the injections shall be allocated to the storage point where the

Delivery Point is located. No-notice withdrawals under Rate Schedule

NSS shall be allocated between legs for deliveries to the Market

Delivery Zone for any month based on Shipper's inventory as posted by

Natural on its Interactive Website twenty-four (24) hours before first-

of-the-month nominations are due, with withdrawals coming from the

storage point closest to the Delivery Point on each leg, as more fully

set out at Section 5.3(e) of Rate Schedules FTS and FFTS. For

deliveries to other zones, the gas is deemed to come from that zone.

Such allocation could result in Sourcing, Overrun or Balancing Service

Charges if Shipper's or point operator's firm transportation or storage

rights on either leg are exceeded. No-notice service for injections

and/or withdrawals is only available to the extent of firm rights with a

primary or in-the-path point as defined in Section 5.6(b)(2) above for

injection or withdrawals, as applicable. No-notice rights are subject

to the allocation and curtailment provisions set out in the remainder of

this Section 5.


(6) (i) Commencing April 1, 1996, any Shipper may

trade with any other Shipper having a corresponding Agreement its

injection rights under Rate Schedules DSS or NSS and/or its withdrawal

rights under Rate Schedule NSS and the corresponding inventory rights.

Such trades must be for equal volumes of injection rights or withdrawal

rights and the related inventory rights, as set out below.