Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 322 Original Sheet No. 322 : Pending






twenty-four (24) hours before first-of-the-month nominations are due,

the extent (if any) to which receipts between Station 110 and Station

311 will be treated as Gulf Coast receipts. In addition, Natural will

review on a daily basis the extent (if any) to which receipts between

Station 110 and Station 311 on the next day will be treated as Gulf

Coast receipts. Natural will designate such receipts as Gulf Coast

receipts to the extent feasible operationally. For daily changes,

Natural will post on the Informational Postings portion of its

Interactive Website the volumes which can be treated as Gulf Coast

receipts no later than the time nominations are due for such day. Such

designations may be changed only prospectively through issuance of an

Operational Flow Order or in subsequent postings. Except through an

Operational Flow Order, the volumes designated as Gulf Coast receipts in

the monthly posting may not be reduced by the daily posting during the


(2) Gas withdrawn from storage under confirmed

nominations pursuant to Rate Schedule NSS shall be allocated based on

the location of the storage point from which gas is withdrawn.


(3) All gas withdrawn from storage under Rate

Schedule DSS (whether nominated or no-notice) shall be allocated fifty

percent (50%) to Amarillo and fifty percent (50%) to Gulf Coast sources

without regard to the actual location of injection or withdrawal.

Natural shall effectuate such service utilizing the overall capability

of its system, including its integrated storage. Notwithstanding the

foregoing, the Shipper shall always have the fifty percent (50%)

withdrawal rights on one leg up to its remaining inventory on that leg

even if the inventory available for withdrawal on the other leg is

insufficient to support the remaining fifty percent (50%) of withdrawal

rights. For example, if the Shipper's inventory on the Amarillo leg

were depleted, the Shipper could still withdraw a volume up to fifty

percent (50%) of its withdrawal rights on the Gulf Coast leg on either a

nominated or no-notice basis up to its remaining inventory on the Gulf

Coast leg.


(4) Gas withdrawn from storage on a no-notice

basis shall be deemed withdrawn from the storage point associated with

the Delivery Point.


(5) Gas received into or withdrawn from Rate

Schedule NSS on a no-notice basis pursuant to the NB option under Rate

Schedules FTS, FFTS and FTS-G and gas injected into Rate Schedule DSS on

a no-notice basis shall be allocated to leg for sourcing purposes in

accordance with this subsection. No-notice injections under Rate