Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 292 Original Sheet No. 292 : Pending






change. The rate applicable to the revised point(s) shall be the

applicable maximum rate, unless the existing Agreement or related

discount contract provides otherwise, or unless Natural and Shipper

negotiate a different rate at the time of the point change. Unless

otherwise specifically agreed, if the point change results in a shortened

path which would reduce the applicable rate, the reservation rate

applicable to the longer path shall apply for the remaining term of the

Agreement, but the commodity rate applicable to the shortened path shall

apply so long as the shortened path is in effect under the Agreement;

provided, however, the Fuel Gas and Gas Lost and Unaccounted For for the

path utilized shall apply. Natural and Shipper may at any time agree on

or modify discounts at secondary points. Notwithstanding the foregoing,

a Shipper under Rate Schedule FTS-G may not change primary Delivery

Points, except to a different location within Shipper's traditional

market area, unless otherwise agreed by Natural.


(ii) From time to time, points are retired or

eliminated for various reasons. In such a situation, Natural shall

advise any affected Shipper as early as possible of the point retirement

or elimination and the reason for the retirement or elimination and shall

specify the alternate point(s) where adequate capacity is available in

the reasonable geographic vicinity of (and within the same rate zone as)

the point being eliminated. Capacity is not available if subject to any

open season, pending request or open season award; provided, however,

that point changes hereunder shall have priority over any open season

which commences or any request for capacity which is submitted after

Natural advises Shippers of the point retirement or elimination. An

affected Shipper may move to any point initially designated by Natural

without any change in rate by notification to Natural. If capacity at

any point is not adequate to satisfy all Shippers hereunder, allocation

shall be pro rata based on the respective MDQs the various Shippers are

seeking to move to that point. The process shall be reiterated at other

designated points until each Shipper's MDQ affected by the point

retirement or elimination is satisfied and Natural shall be obligated to

designate additional points within the same rate zone which are in

reasonable proximity and are operationally reasonably equivalent to the

point being retired or eliminated as necessary to satisfy point changes

desired by all affected Shippers. The rate at these additional points

designated by Natural shall be the rate specified in the contract for

services at that point or, if the contract is silent, the rate assessed

to similarly situated customers for similar service involving that point.

If a Shipper elects to change to a point which is not a point designated

by Natural, then that Shipper must submit a point change request pursuant

to Section 5.1(c)(5)(i) of these General Terms and Conditions; provided,

however, that a Shipper shall not be required to submit a point