Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 291 Original Sheet No. 291 : Pending





(ii) The posting requirements and minimum posting and

bidding periods for an Additional Open Season shall be the same as for

an Initial Open Season under Section 5.1(c)(1), except that Natural will

post any additional items necessary to comply with this Section



(iii) In the Additional Open Season, Natural may make

firm capacity available only for a specified term or range of terms,

which limitation must be included in the posting.


(iv) In the Additional Open Season, bids may be on a

Negotiated Rate or Negotiated Rate Formula basis to the extent specified

in the posting. Natural may limit the form of Negotiated Rate or

Negotiated Rate Formula submitted, in which case that limitation must be

reflected in the posting. Bids may always be submitted in the basic

rate design then in effect on Natural's system at the applicable maximum



(v) Natural may, but is not required to, establish a

reserve price or reserve price matrix in an Additional Open Season,

consistent with Section 5.1(d)(5).


(vi) In an Additional Open Season, Natural may post a

prearranged transaction for bid, including a prearranged Negotiated Rate

or Negotiated Rate Formula transaction, and shall include a right on the

part of the prearranged Shipper to match as specified in the posting.




(i) Natural and a Shipper under any firm service may

add or delete primary Delivery or Receipt Points from time to time by

mutual agreement. Subject to the availability of firm capacity at the

requested point, Natural shall agree to any such change in primary

Delivery or Receipt Point to the extent such new point is within the

transportation path of the existing primary points. At other points,

Natural shall agree to a change to the extent that firm transmission

and point capacity is available after taking into account existing

capacity commitments under other firm Agreements for the date

requested if such capacity is not subject to or affected by any other

pending valid request or pending open season. A point change is not

subject to or affected by any pending request or open season if the

available capacity equals or exceeds the amount necessary to satisfy

both the pending request and/or open season and the point change, or

if capacity could not be granted to any third party but for the point