Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 141 Original Sheet No. 141 : Pending






standards of this subsection (b) can be met and Natural will not

confirm Access Requests if the impact is detrimental to Natural's



(2) A confirmed Access Request shall be deemed

authorization, up to the volume specified in the Access Request, for

Natural to provide imbalance management service hereunder related to

the linked transportation Agreement without further notice. Shipper

shall not, however, be obligated to use such balancing volumes; i.e.,

Access Requests are used to define the level of balancing service

available to the Shipper that day to cover IBS Balance volumes

allocated under subparagraph (b)(3). This service is subject to the

curtailment provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of this



(3) Natural shall account separately under each

IBS Agreement for all nominations to each specified end-use facility

and for volumes actually utilized at each end-use facility; provided,

however, that to the extent aggregation is permitted under Section

7(c) hereof, Natural shall account for all aggregated facilities on an

aggregated basis. Any difference on any day between nominations and

physical gas flow under the linked FTS, FTS-G or ITS Agreement to the

specified end-use facility or facilities in the direction of swing

specified in the Access Request for that day shall be allocated to the

IBS Agreement unless otherwise expressly agreed. The resulting

volume, which may be positive or negative, is the IBS Balance. Such

differences in the opposite direction from the Access Request shall be

allocated to the linked transportation Agreement or to other services

contracted by Shipper pursuant to a predetermined allocation

Agreement. Service hereunder allows Shipper to have daily imbalances

or variances within the level of the confirmed Access Request.

Volumes allocated to the IBS Agreement hereunder shall be treated as

unauthorized overrun if the resulting IBS Balance is not within the

volume level consistent with Shipper's confirmed Access Request under

this Section 6. Volumes allocated to the IBS Agreement hereunder in

excess of the maximum daily access volume or the maximum allowable

cumulative IBS Balance which are consistent with the confirmed Access

Request shall be authorized overrun under Section 8 of this Rate

Schedule IBS.


(c) Natural shall provide to Shipper its best

information on the IBS Balances under an IBS Agreement by at least one

half hour prior to the time timely nominations are due for the next

Gas Day. Natural shall identify both the IBS Balance for the day and

the cumulative IBS Balance. In the event that an allocation under

Section 6(b) results in Shipper having a positive or negative IBS