Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 108 Original Sheet No. 108 : Pending





Any such designation must be consistent with this Section 7.5 and with

Section 7.4(a)(2) of this Rate Schedule. In addition, a predetermined

allocation agreement with the point operator must be in place which

defines how such firm no-notice deliveries are determined.


(3) Shipper's no-notice rights shall terminate if it does

not have an appropriate and valid firm transportation Agreement designated

under this Section 7.5(b); for example, if the originally designated firm

transportation Agreement has expired or been released and no substitute

Agreement has been designated.


(4) The separate firm transportation Agreement used to

support firm no-notice rights hereunder shall be designated as an FTS-FR,

FFTS-FR or FTS-G/FR Agreement, as applicable.




(a) Shipper shall arrange separately for the transportation of

gas to be injected in connection with service under this Rate Schedule

FRSS, and for withdrawals if Shipper has selected the storage-only option.

Shipper shall make all necessary arrangements separately upstream of the

point where gas is tendered to Natural. Shipper is also responsible for

all arrangements downstream of the Delivery Point(s). Such arrangements

must be consistent with this Rate Schedule FRSS and must be coordinated

with Natural, subject to the no-notice aspects of the service being

provided under the FRSS Agreement. To be eligible for service hereunder,

Shipper or its supplier or purchaser must comply with all applicable

provisions of any separate transportation Agreement(s) and any applicable

Rate Schedule(s) and the applicable General Terms and Conditions of this



(b) Eligibility for this service does not require that a Shipper

have firm transportation for injection, but Shipper has an obligation to

return by the end of the Injection Period all gas which it withdrew

hereunder during the prior Withdrawal Period. That obligation is not

excused if Shipper selects interruptible transportation and Shipper's gas

is not scheduled for injection or if Shipper fails to nominate and/or

tender sufficient gas for injection under any Agreement. Eligibility for

service under the storage-only option does not require that a Shipper have

firm transportation service for withdrawal, but the scheduling for

withdrawals may be affected by the transportation service selected.


(c) Natural will manage its cushion gas and storage operations

to support withdrawals under Rate Schedule FRSS. Shippers will provide

gas for injection by the end of the Injection Period sufficient to replace

gas withdrawn during the prior Withdrawal Period, as set out in Section 5

of this Rate Schedule FRSS.