Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 92 Original Sheet No. 92 : Pending






Rate Schedule NSS), with the priority of deliveries on withdrawal

being contingent on that of the transportation Agreement used to take

the gas away from storage. A Shipper releasing a portion of its

storage rights under an FRSS Agreement must designate how any

existing FRSS Balance, as defined in Section 5 of this Rate Schedule,

is to be allocated among itself and the replacement Shipper(s).


(5) Unless Natural agrees otherwise, a

replacement Shipper may only utilize the storage and delivery points

specified in the FRSS Agreement. If the release terminates or the

rights are recalled prior to the end of a Withdrawal Period, the

rights reverting to the releasing Shipper shall be reduced by the

volume of service actually utilized by the replacement Shipper

pursuant to the release and, unless otherwise agreed by both the

releasing Shipper and the replacement Shipper, the obligation to

return any volume withdrawn prior to the recall or termination shall

be on the releasing Shipper. Unless otherwise agreed by both the

releasing Shipper and the replacement Shipper(s), or unless otherwise

provided herein, the obligation of the releasing Shipper and any

replacement Shipper to return gas during the Injection Period shall

be based on each Shipper's October 1 FRSS Balance.




3.1 A request for service under this Rate Schedule FRSS shall

be valid as of the date received if it complies with this Section and

contains adequate information on all of the items specified in

Section 3.2, subject to any necessary verification of such

information and to the following:


(a) A request shall not be valid and Natural shall not

be required to grant any such request:


(1) For which adequate capacity is not available

in Natural's storage system and related transmission or other

facilities necessary to provide such service on a firm basis;


(2) As to which Natural does not have the

operational capability, including adequate flexibility as to

management of its cushion gas and storage operations, to effectuate

service hereunder on a firm basis consistent with the terms and

conditions of this Rate Schedule FRSS;