Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP99-176-194, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 35B.02 First Revised Sheet No. 35B.02

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 35B.02






Rate Term of Volume Reservation Commodity Eligible Primary Receipt Eligible Primary Delivery

Shipper Name Schedule Contract (Dth/d) Charge(s) Charge(s) Point(s) / PIN No(s). Point(s) / PIN No(s).

------------------------------------ --------- ------------ ------------------ ------------- ----------- -------------------------- -------------------------

Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. 1/ FTS-SW 4/01/2009 80,000 2/, 3/, 5/ 4/, 5/ 6/, 8/ 7/, 8/





1/ The Negotiated Rate Agreement, as amended, with Shipper does not deviate in any material respect from the applicable form of service agreement in Natural's

FERC Gas Tariff.


2/ Monthly Reservation Charge Determination. Shipper's Monthly Reservation Charge shall consist of the relevant Negotiated Reservation Rate for each service

described in Footnote 3 below, multiplied by the relevant Service MDQ, multiplied by 30.42. This Monthly Reservation Charge calculation shall be adjusted as

necessary for any month for which Natural and Shipper have agreed to use the Forward Spread Rate Option described in footnote 3(6) below for some or all of the

relevant service MDQ. For billing purposes, Natural in any month may charge Shipper a single Blended Negotiated Reservation Rate (the "Blended Negotiated

Reservation Rate") on Shipper's entire FTS Agreement MDQ, to the extent that use of such Blended Negotiated Reservation Rate does not result in any change in

Shipper's Monthly Reservation Charge or in any other rates or charges hereunder. In no event shall Shipper's Monthly Reservation Charge at any time exceed the

maximum monthly reservation charge in Natural's FERC Gas Tariff applicable to service provided under the FTS Agreement.


3/ Negotiated Rates and Eligible Transportation Quantities.


(1) Gage to Stingray Service.


(a)Gage to Stingray Negotiated Reservation Rate. For firm transportation service provided to Shipper from the Gage Receipt Point to the Stingray Delivery

Point (the "Gage to Stingray Service"), the Gage to Stingray Negotiated Reservation Rate shall be the greater of: (a) $0.1450/Dth (the "Gage to Stingray Floor

Rate"), or (b) the Gage to Stingray Index Rate, which shall equal: (i) the NGI Bidweek Survey Price for Chicago Citygates ("Chicago Index"); minus (ii) Inside

FERC's Gas Market Monthly Report for the NGPL Midcontinent Zone Index plus $0.04/Dth ("NGPL Amarillo Index"); minus (iii) Minimum Commodity Rate (MCR)

applicable to the Amarillo Mainline to Market primary path; minus (iv) Fuel/GLU; minus (v) the ACA surcharge. "Fuel/GLU" in this calculation is defined as (a)

the NGPL Amarillo Index multiplied by (b) the reciprocal of 1 minus the Amarillo Mainline to Market fuel/GLU percentage, minus (c) the NGPL Amarillo Index.


(b)Negotiated Reservation Rate Credit. In the event that the Gage to Stingray Negotiated Reservation Rate in any month exceeds $0.1450/Dth, then Shipper

shall receive for that month a partial reservation rate credit from Natural for Shipper's five thousand (5,000) Dth/d of firm capacity from the Gage to Stingray

Delivery Point. The amount of such credit to Shipper shall be determined as follows:


(i) To the extent that the relevant Gage to Stingray Negotiated Reservation Rate is greater than $0.1450/Dth and less than or equal to $0.1650/Dth,

Shipper's credit shall be one hundred percent (100%) of the amount by which such rate exceeds $0.1450/Dth and (ii) To the extent that the relevant Gage to

Stingray Negotiated Reservation Rate exceeds $0.1650/Dth, Shipper's credit shall be the amount of the credit determined pursuant to Footnote 3(1)(b)(i) above,

as well as thirty percent (30%) of the amount by which such rate exceeds $0.165/Dth.


(c)Service MDQ. Shipper's MDQ for the Gage to Stingray Service shall be 5,000 Dth/d.