Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 35A.01 Original Sheet No. 35A.01 : Pending





8/ Applicable Rate Considerations:


Unless Natural otherwise expressly agrees in writing, Shipper shall not be entitled to change any of its Primary Receipt Points or Primary Delivery Points

under the FTS Agreement if such change would result in Shipper paying a reservation rate to Natural which is lower than the applicable Negotiated

Reservation Rate. At any time during the term herein, Shipper shall be entitled to change, at the Negotiated Reservation Rate, the Primary Receipt Point

set forth above to any other receipt point which exists as of the commencement herein and is within Shipper's then-existing primary path, subject to

capacity availability and all applicable provisions of Natural's FERC Gas Tariff regarding receipt point changes, provided that any such Primary Receipt

Point change may not result in Shipper extending its then-existing primary path.


9/ Negotiated Reservation and Commodity Rates. The Negotiated Reservation Rate and Negotiated Commodity Rate set forth below shall apply only to service

provided to Shipper by Natural under the FTS Agreement from the Eligible Receipt Points to the Eligible Delivery Points set forth below, subject to all

other applicable terms and conditions set forth herein.


Negotiated Reservation Rate: Peak $3.9471/Dth of MDQ and Off-Peak $4.4481/Dth of MDQ.


Negotiated Commodity Rate: Peak $0.0193/Dth and Off-Peak $0.0045/Dth.


10/ Eligible Receipt Points. The Negotiated Rates shall only apply to transportation service provided from the following receipt points:


Primary Receipt Points: Sabine, PIN No. 3592 (20,000 Dth of MDQ).


Secondary Receipt Points: The Negotiated Rates shall apply to service provided from all secondary receipt points permitted under the FTS Agreement.


11/ Eligible Delivery Points. The Negotiated Rates shall only apply to transportation service provided to the following delivery points:


Primary Delivery Points: Illinois Power/Mansfield, PIN No. 900147 (3,000 Dth of MDQ); Illinois Power/Deland Piatt, PIN No. 900148 (17,000 Dth of MDQ).


Secondary Delivery Points: The Negotiated Rates shall apply to NICOR (PIN No. 9258), NIPSCO (PIN No. 909260), PGL&C (PIN No. 909285), MidAmerican (PIN No.

10568), Illinois Power (PIN No. 909999) and all storage and pooling points within the zones traversed by the primary path as permitted by the FTS



Incremental Rate Secondary Delivery Points: Incremental Rate Secondary Delivery Points shall include Midwestern Kankakee (PIN Number 25400) with an

additional incremental daily volumetric reservation rate of $.03 per Dth applied to all quantities transported on any day to Midwestern Kankakee (PIN No.

25400) for the period commencing February 21, 2003 and ending November 30, 2006.


12/ Eligible Primary Pathing. Shipper's primary path under the FTS Agreement will be from Natural's Louisiana Zone then north on Natural's Gulf Coast mainline

to the interconnect with Illinois Power in Segment 28.