Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2010, Docket: RP10-1227-000, Status: Effective

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 261A Sixth Revised Sheet No. 261A

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 261A






17.8.3 When the capacity release service provider makes awards

of capacity for which there have been multiple bids meeting

minimum conditions, the capacity release facilitator should award

the bids, best bid first, until all offered capacity is awarded.

The Releasing Shipper shall be allowed to specify a method of

breaking ties to be used should sufficient capacity not exist to

satisfy all equal successful bids under the appropriate economic

standard. However, if the Releasing Shipper does not designate a

specific method of breaking ties, the capacity will be awarded

based upon the order the bids were posted, beginning with the

first bid posted until all offered capacity is awarded.


17.8.4 Bids should be binding until written or electronic

notice of withdrawal is received by the capacity release service

provider. A Releasing Shipper may withdraw its posted release any

time during the bidding period, but only if a bid which meets the

minimum terms and conditions as specified in the offer, via an

acceptable electronic communication mechanism as described in

Section 8 of these General Terms and Conditions or via an

alternate method in an emergency situation as described in

Subsection 17.13, has not been received by Transporter. Bids

received by Transporter will be posted on the Website (excluding

the potential Replacement Shipper's name) and may be withdrawn by

the potential Replacement Shipper any time during the bidding

period. Bids cannot be withdrawn after the bid period ends.

However, once a potential Replacement Shipper withdraws a bid,

such potential Replacement Shipper shall not be permitted to

resubmit any bid which includes a rate



(The rest of this sheet has been intentionally left blank.)