Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/10/2004, Docket: RP04-331-000, Status: Effective

Seventh Revised Sheet No. 235A Seventh Revised Sheet No. 235A : Effective

Superseding: Sixth Revised Sheet No. 235A





Predetermined allocation methodologies are ranked, pro

rata, percentage, swing or operator provided value.

The allocating party should send back "confirmation"

of receipt of the pre-determined allocation within 15

minutes. Predetermined allocation methodologies will

be allowed to change prospectively, but only one

predetermined allocation methodology may be in effect

per gas day. Receipt and Delivery Predetermined

Allocation (PDA) Forms for Shipper's use in submitting

receipt and/or delivery predetermined allocation

methodologies can be found on Transporter's Website at

ebb.wbip.com. In the absence of an executed OBA, ROBA, or a

predetermined allocation methodology, actual receipt(s) or

delivery(ies) at each receipt/delivery point will be

allocated by Transporter on a pro rata basis among all

receipts and deliveries scheduled at each point. In the event either party discovers an error in

the allocation of receipt(s) and/or delivery(ies), such

error should be identified within six (6) months from the

date of the initial month-end allocation. The other party

shall have three (3) months from the month in which the

error was identified to dispute such error. This timeline

shall not apply in the case of deliberate omission,

misrepresentation or mutual mistake of fact. The parties'

other statutory, tariff and/or contractual rights shall not

otherwise be diminished by this provision.


12.5 Replacement points (i.e., flexible firm receipt and delivery

points) shall be permitted under Rate Schedule FT-1, consistent with

existing contract demand, without posting or bidding to the extent that

there is available firm capacity at the replacement point(s) and the

proposed change in receipt and/or delivery point(s) is in the



(The rest of this sheet has been intentionally left blank.)