Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/11/2009, Docket: RP09-506-000, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 191 Eighth Revised Sheet No. 191

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 191





FORMS (Continued)


7.3.4 Electronic Information Availability:


Transporter shall make available various information via an

electronic communication mechanism as more fully explained in

Section 8 of these General Terms and Conditions. In addition,

capacity and rate information may be received by telephoning

Transporter's Transportation Department during normal business

hours at 701-530-1600.


7.4 The procedures used by Transporter to schedule service and

allocate system capacity are set forth in Sections 9 and 10 of these

General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is sent to all potential

Shippers upon request. Consistent with such procedures, after receiving

all nominations for service hereunder on any day, system constraints

resulting from nominations exceeding available capacity at various

points will be identified, the available capacity allocated, and each

Shipper advised by Transporter's Nomination Center of the allocated

capacity available to that Shipper.


7.5 When Transporter pre-schedules system maintenance activities

which may affect available capacity at various points on the system,

affected Shippers will be notified by Transporter's Nomination Center in

advance of such activities. This information will also be made

available via an electronic communication mechanism.


7.6 Transportation/Storage Service Request Form


A Transportation/Storage Service Request Form (Service Request Form) is

provided on Transporter's Website under Other Information and must be

completed in full for each individual request. Transportation/Storage

service is subject to the terms and conditions of Rate Schedules FT-1

(Firm Transportation Service), FTN-1 (No-Notice Firm Transportation

Service), IT-1 (Interruptible Transportation Service), FS-1 (Firm

Storage Service), IS-1 (Interruptible Storage Service), or PAL-1 (Park

and Loan Service) as applicable.