Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1999, Docket: RP98-104-004, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 190 Second Revised Sheet No. 190 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 190




FORMS (Continued)


written response shall be provided by registered or

certified mail to Complainant within 30 days from receipt of

such complaint.


Transporter will make every effort to address and resolve

complaints in the order received but final resolution will

be dependent upon the nature of the complaint and the time

necessary to investigate the complaint, verify the

underlying cause(s) and determine the relevant facts.


7.3 The procedures used by Transporter to inform affiliated

and nonaffiliated Shippers and potential Shippers of the

availability and pricing of transportation and/or storage service

are as follows:


7.3.1 Inquiries as to the availability of service on

Transporter's system are to be directed to Transporter's

Transportation Department and are generally responded to by

telephone, at which time the Shipper or potential Shipper is

informed verbally of the availability and pricing of

transportation service(s).


7.3.2 Upon request, the initial contact described in

Subsection 7.3.1 shall be supported by sending the potential

Shipper a copy of this Tariff and any published Notices to

Shippers which announce discounts then available to

similarly-situated Shippers (existing Shippers on the system

are already in receipt of such written documents).


7.3.3 In accordance with the requirements of Rule 2010 of

the FERC's Rules of Practice and Procedure, once a Shipper

has executed a transportation Service Agreement with

Transporter, Shipper will also be served with copies of any

filings submitted by Transporter proposing changes in rates

or terms of service. Upon request, Shipper will also

subsequently be sent copies of revised sheets to this Tariff

as such sheets are approved and made effective by the FERC.