Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 13-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 136 Original Sheet No. 136 : Effective







and deliver Shipper's gas as provided in such Exhibit.

Transporter shall deliver back to Shipper, or to another for

Shipper's account, the quantities of gas received by

Transporter under this Rate Schedule, reduced by a percentage

that represents the gas actually used and lost (Company Use and

Lost and Unaccounted For gas) in the operation and maintenance

of Transporter's system. Shipper shall not charge Transporter

for the use of such gas. Such percentage shall be determined

in accordance with Section 38 of the General Terms and

Conditions and shall be specified by Transporter on currently

effective Sheet No. 21 of this Second Revised Volume No. 1.


2.4 Subject to waiver by Transporter in its sole discretion,

transportation service under Subsection 2.1.2 of this Rate

Schedule shall be subject to the following restrictions:


2.4.1 Transporter shall not be required to deliver for

Shipper's account on any day a total quantity of gas

greater than twice Transporter's average daily receipt

of gas for Shipper's account;


2.4.2 No single transportation arrangement hereunder shall

extend for longer than two years; provided, however,

that such transportation arrangements may be extended

for one additional period of up to two years upon

written notification to Transporter given no later than

60 days prior to expiration of the initial two year



2.5 Transporter shall not commence the transportation of gas under

Subsection 2.1.2 of this Rate Schedule unless and until Shipper

has secured from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission all

necessary authorizations under Sections 7(b) and 7(c) of the

Natural Gas Act.


2.6 All service provided under this Rate Schedule shall be subject

to the availability of capacity sufficient to provide the

service without detriment or disadvantage to Transporter's

customers having a higher priority. Transporter shall not be

obligated to add storage injection and/or withdrawal capacity,

reservoir capacity, pipeline capacity, or gas receipt/delivery

capacity so as to provide service under this Rate Schedule;

provided, however, that nothing herein shall preclude or limit