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Effective Date: 03/01/2008, Docket: RP08-184-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 152 Original Sheet No. 152 : Pending






Fuel Reimbursement charges are intended to compensate SGRM for

these categories of fuel usage and for lost and unaccounted for

Gas volumes to the extent required for the operation and

maintenance of SGRM's Gas storage facilities.


19.2 Fuel Reimbursement. Fuel Reimbursement shall be

calculated separately for storage services, wheeling, loaning and

parking under Rate Schedules FSS, SFS, ISS, IP, IW, IL and IB.

Each Fuel Reimbursement charge shall be negotiated by SGRM and

Customer such that reimbursement of fuel shall be paid in kind or

in dollars per Dth, as set forth in Customer's Storage Service





20.1 Title Transfers of Gas in Storage:


(a) A Customer that has executed a Storage Service

Agreement under Rate Schedules FSS, SFS, ISS, IP or IB may sell

some or all of its Storage Inventory to any other Customer that

has executed a Storage Service Agreement to become part of such

other Customer's Storage Inventory:


(1) Customer selling Storage Inventory and Customer purchasing

Storage Inventory execute a Title Transfer Form identifying the

details of the title transfer transaction, as such form is posted

on SGRM's Internet Web Site and amended from time to time, and

submit such executed form to SGRM; and


(2) The purchase does not cause either Customer to exceed its

Maximum Storage Quantity or Maximum Park Quantity, as applicable

and as specified in the Customer's Storage Service Agreement or

cause either Customer's balance to go below zero.


SGRM may restrict transfers when such transfers would result in an

increase in the service obligations of SGRM or cause operational

difficulties and such increase or operational difficulties would,

in the reasonable judgment of SGRM, impair the ability of SGRM to

meet all of its other service obligations of equal or higher



(b) SGRM will recognize the transfer for purposes of

computing each Customer's available Storage Inventory on a

prospective basis within one (1) Business Day after receipt of the

executed Title Transfer Form.


(c) For each title transfer of Gas in storage performed

under this Section, each Customer shall pay the gas title transfer

rate as agreed upon by each Customer and SGRM and set forth on the

executed Title Transfer Form.