Quest Pipelines (Kpc)

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2009, Docket: RP09-1019-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 136 First Revised Sheet No. 136


(ii) The Commodity Charge component shall be the next component

discounted and it shall be discounted until such component

has been reduced to the level established as the Minimum

Rate for the applicable Rate Schedule, but in no case shall

KPC discount to a level which would allow the Commodity

Charge component to equate to less than the Minimum Rate

specified by KPC for the applicable Rate Schedule.


(iii) Discounts cannot be granted on the ACA Unit Charge Rate.


8.9 Section 9.7 describes scheduling provisions during curtailment.




9.1 KPC shall have the unqualified right to interrupt service at any

time under Rate Schedule PAL or Rate Schedule IT to provide

service under KPC's firm Rate Schedules. Services under Rate

Schedule PAL shall be interrupted first, in sequence, starting

with services charged the lowest per unit rate as determined

pursuant to Section 6.1 of Rate Schedule PAL. Services under Rate

Schedule IT shall be interrupted second, in sequence, starting

with interruptible service charged the rate least proximate to the

applicable maximum rate. Within each rate category, service shall

be interrupted in sequence, starting with the service most

recently requested and, if necessary, pro-rata by request date.


9.2 KPC shall have the right to curtail or discontinue Transportation

Services, in whole or in part on all or a portion of its system at

any time for reasons of Force Majeure or when in KPC's sole

judgment, capacity or operating conditions so require or it is

necessary to make modifications, repairs or operating changes to

its system. KPC shall provide Shipper such notice of the

curtailment as is reasonable under the circumstances.


9.3 In the event of curtailment pursuant to Section 9.2 above,

Transportation Services shall be curtailed in the reverse order in

which such service was scheduled in accordance with Section 8.8 of

these General Terms and Conditions. Service under Rate Schedule

IT or Rate Schedule PAL having an equal economic value shall be

curtailed on a pro rata basis.


Following the interruption of all services under Rate Schedule PAL

and Rate Schedule IT, firm services shall be curtailed in the

following order:


For any condition requiring curtailment or interruption, firm

service shall be curtailed, starting with


(i) firm service utilizing a secondary point of Delivery, then