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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-394-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 92 Third Revised Sheet No. 92

Superseding: Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 92




12. Nominating, Scheduling and Monitoring (con't.)



Each nomination shall be considered an original nomination and shall be replaced

to be changed. When a nomination includes a date range, each day within that

range is considered an original nomination. When a subsequent nomination is

received for one or more days within that range, the previous nomination is

superseded by the subsequent nomination only to the extent of the days specified.

The days of the previous nomination outside the range are unaffected.

Nominations have a prospective effect only. Subsequent nominated quantities

shall represent replacement daily quantities.



Transporter shall support the following nomination cycles:

(i) The Timely Nomination Cycle: The deadline for nominations to be

effective for the start of the next gas day is 11:30 am (central clock


(ii) The Evening Nomination Cycle: The deadline for the last opportunity to

provide a nomination to be effective for the start of the next gas day

is 6:00 pm (central clock time).

(iii) The Intraday 1 Nomination Cycle: For nominations to be effective at

5:00 pm (central clock time) on the gas day, the deadline to provide a

nomination is 10:00 am (central clock time).

(iv) The Intraday 2 Nomination Cycle: For nominations to be effective at

9:00 pm (central clock time) on the gas day, the deadline to provide a

nomination is 5:00 pm (central clock time).



Shipper shall have the option to either submit overrun quantities (nominations

under firm contracts in excess of maximum daily quantities) as a separate

nomination or within the aggregate sum of all nominations. When nominations for

overrun quantities are submitted as a separate transaction, they must be

identified as such on the nomination form.



Except for intra-day nominations, Shipper may nominate for several days, months

or years in one day increments provided such nomination is within the begin and

end dates of Shipper's Service Agreement.



Shipper may submit intra-day nominations according to the deadlines noted in

Section 12.1(e). There is no limitation as to the number of intra-day

nominations which Shipper may submit at any one standard nomination cycle or in

total across all standard nomination cycles. Such intra-day nominations may be

used to request increases or decreases in total flow, changes to receipt points

or changes to delivery points of scheduled gas. Interconnected parties should

agree on the hourly flows of the intra-day nominations. All intra-day

nominations shall be based on a daily quantity. Intra-day nominations shall

include an effective date and time. During any gas day of interruption pursuant

to Section 17 (Non-Emergency Service Interruption) or Section 18 (Force Majeure

and Curtailment), a Shipper may not make intra-day changes to receive or take

gas at its primary receipt or delivery point if such change would cause

interruption of a Shipper using that receipt or delivery point as a firm primary

point during that gas day. Excepting the Intra-day 2 nomination cycle,intra-

day nominations submitted by Customers utilizing firm transportation service

have scheduling priority over nominated and scheduled volumes of Customers

shipping under Transporter's Interruptible Transportation Service. Transporter

shall give notice to Customers nominating and scheduling volumes under