Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1-D

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Effective Date: 12/28/1999, Docket: GT00- 19-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 52 Original Sheet No. 52 : Effective






In the event Transporter makes additional tariff filings which

adjust the Buyout-Buydown Obligation, Shipper shall be provided 30

days after the date of the Commission's order accepting the tariff

filing to elect to delay the billing or to utilize an amortization

period other than twelve months, not to exceed 60 months, as

provided by this Section 25 for the initial billing.


Upon receipt of such election to utilize an alternate Amortization

Period, and upon acceptance of an appropriate tariff filing to be

made by Transporter reflecting the effect of the use of an

alternate Amortization Period, Transporter will bill Shipper in

the immediately following normal billing cycle based upon the

alternate Amortization Period selected by Shipper.




Any Shipper failing to notify Transporter in writing no later than

August 24, 1989 of its election either to delay the initial

billing of the Buyout-Buydown Obligation or to use an alternate

Amortization Period will be billed in the normal billing cycle of

the month immediately following the effectiveness of this tariff

sheet for the Buyout-Buydown Obligation amount over a twelve month

Amortization Period.




Transporter shall render invoices on or before the tenth day of

each month. The payment of each affected Shipper's share of

Transporter's fixed charge Buyout-Buydown Obligation to CIG shall

be due and payable at Transporter's designated office on or

before the twentieth day of each month as billed by Transporter in

the invoice for said month. Transporter's monthly billing to the

identified Shippers shall contain a separately stated

Buyout-Buydown Obligation principal amount currently due,

including appropriate interest charges. Interest shall be

calculated in accordance with Section 154.67(c) of the

Commission's Regulations, commencing with the effective date of

interest accruals from CIG, and continuing throughout Shipper's

Amortization Periods. At any time during the Amortization Period,

any Shipper may elect to pay through a lump-sum payment the

remaining unamortized balance of Shipper's Buyout-Buydown

Obligation which shall include interest accrued to date of