Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1-D

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Effective Date: 12/28/1999, Docket: GT00- 19-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 10 Original Sheet No. 10 : Effective






(4) the Service Requester is told by its Transportation

Service Provider that the downstream confirming party

did not conduct the confirmation;

(5) the Service Requester is told by its Transportation

Service Provider that the downstream Service Requester

did not have the market or submit the nomination;


This information will be imparted to the Service Requester on the

Scheduled Quantity document.






a. An “Intra-day Nomination” shall mean a nomination submitted after

the Timely Nomination Cycle whose effective time is no earlier than

the beginning of the gas day and which runs through the end of that

gas day.


b. Transporter supports the nomination cycles set forth at Section 3.1

during non-Critical Times. During Critical Times, valid intra-day

nominations may be submitted at any time.


c. Transporter will provide notification of bumped volumes through the

Scheduled Quantity Document, its EBB, telephone, and facsimile.

During non-Critical Times, Transporter will waive daily penalties

applicable to bumped volumes on the day of the bump. Transporter

will also waive penalties if it fails to provide appropriate notice

of the bump.


d. There is no limitation as to the number of intra-day nominations

which a service requester may submit at any one standard nomination

cycle or in total across all standard nomination cycles.


e. Nominate storage injections or withdrawals by indicating the

Storage agreement numbers as “delivered to “ or “received from”

party in the corresponding transportation nominations.


f. A Shipper may nominate under terms of Section 3.1, to transfer

volumes from that Shipper’s inventory balance into another Shipper’s

Inventory balance. Such a transfer must be verified by both