Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1-B

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Effective Date: 12/28/1999, Docket: GT00- 19-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 30 Original Sheet No. 30 : Effective





(6) Transporter will use reasonable efforts to

provide at least four hours notice in advance

of the time curtailment is to commence,

except that, when due to an event of force

majeure, Transporter will give such notice as

may be practicable under the circumstances.


VARIATIONS IN PROCEDURES. The followingvariations in

procedures are authorized:


(1) Variations in the reduction of deliveries

provided in this Section 16 shall be allowed

when necessary to respond to emergency

situations (including environmental

emergencies and when public utility electric

power plants lack an adequate supply of

alternate fuel and are unable to obtain

emergency power supplies from other sources)

where supplemental deliveries are required to

forestall irreparable injury to life or



(2) Variations in the reduction of deliveries

provided for in this Section 16 shall be

allowed to provide, during periods of

complete curtailment of gas for industrial

operations or production, gas for industrial

non-boiler fuel human needs requirements for

space heating of plant offices, for heating

of plant areas in which maintenance personnel

are working up to a temperature of fifty-five

(55) degrees Fahrenheit, and for heating such

water as may be required by personnel and for

minimum plant protection when the plant is

shut down.