Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1-B

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Effective Date: 06/17/2001, Docket: RP01-422-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 8C Original Sheet No. 8C : Effective




d. The standard quantity for nominations, confirmation and

scheduling is dekatherms per gas Day in the United States,

gigajoules per gas Day in Canada and gigacalories per gas Day in

Mexico. (For reference, 1 dekatherm = 1,000,000 Btu's; 1

gigajoule = 1,000,000,000 joules; and 1 gigacalorie =

1,000,000,000 calories.) For commercial purposes, the standard

conversion factor between dekatherms and gigajoules is 1.055056

gigajoules per dekatherm and between dekatherms and gigacalories

is 0.251996 gigacalories per dekatherm. The standard Btu is the

International Btu, which is also called the Btu (IT); the standard

joule is the joule specified in the SI system of units. The

International Btu is specified for use in the gas measurement

standards of the American Gas Association, the American Petroleum

Institute, the Gas Processors Association and the American Society

for Testing Materials. For non-commercial purposes, these

associations note that the exact conversion factor is

1.05505585262 Gigajoules per Dekatherm.


e. Shipper shall include in any nominations: 1) Receipt and

Delivery Points; 2) the daily quantity of gas to be received by

Transporter at each Receipt Point; 3) fuel reimbursement

quantities for volumes at each specified Receipt Point; 4)the

daily quantity to be delivered by Transporter at each specified

Delivery Point on the desired gas Day; 5)any daily volumes to

satisfy past imbalances ; 6) Shipper-defined beginning and ending

dates; and 7) the upstream and/or downstream party's

identifier(s). The total receipt nominations, less the fuel

reimbursement quantity and any other deductions, must equal the

equivalent thermal quantity of delivery nominations.


f. A No-Notice Shipper is only required to make nominations

when separately using the FT or FSS service embedded in the NNS

service. If the primary receipt and/or delivery point is an off-

system facility point, a nomination on Transporter's system is

required to confirm the nomination for NNS.