Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 06/01/2004, Docket: CP03- 39-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 161 Original Sheet No. 161 : Effective


RATE SCHEDULE CMC-1 (continued)


B. During times of system constraint or critical time under

Section 29 of the General Terms and Conditions of this

Tariff, Shippers will be subject to a daily Unauthorized

Overrun charge as stated on the applicable tariff sheet of

this Volume 1-A for any gas that is tendered to Transporter

by Shipper for receipt or delivery which has not been

nominated and confirmed by Transporter and that exceeds

either the aggregate MDRQ, aggregate MDDQ, or MSV as stated

in the Service Agreement, unless otherwise agreed to in



5.8 Fuel, Loss and Unaccounted For Reimbursement Quantity. The Fuel,

Loss and Unaccounted For Reimbursement Quantity shall be that

portion of Shipper's natural gas received by Transporter for

transportation and storage which shall be retained by Transporter

as compensation for gas used in rendering service, including

Company-used Gas, and Lost and Unaccounted-for Gas. Shipper shall

reimburse Transporter for the Fuel, Loss and Unaccounted For

Reimbursement Quantity required in transporting and storing gas

hereunder at the maximum rate set forth in Volume 1-A of this FERC

Gas Tariff.




6.1 Redelivery of Stored Gas.


Available withdrawal quantities of gas will vary according to the

percentage of Shipper's stored volume to the MSV. In order for

the Shipper's full WQ to be available, a minimum inventory

greater than fifteen percent (15%) of its MSV must be in the

Shipper's storage account. If the Shipper's stored volume is

equal to or less than 15% of its MSV, the Shipper's withdrawal

rights will be reduced as follows:


Inventory = 15% but > 5% of MSV 50% WQ rights

Inventory = 5% of MSV 25% WQ rights

Inventory = 0 0 WQ rights


WQ Overruns will be charged during reduced withdrawal rights

periods for quantities withdrawn in excess of the applicable

reduced WQ amount.