Trailblazer Pipeline Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/28/2007, Docket: RP08-168-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 198 Original Sheet No. 198 : Effective







(a) At any time during an open season, a Qualified

Bidder may submit a Qualified Bid via Trailblazer's Interactive

Website (or in writing for posting on Trailblazer's Interactive

Website if Trailblazer's Interactive Website is unavailable for

receiving Qualified Bids) seeking released capacity rights under a

Capacity Release Request. In addition to being prequalified for

credit pursuant to Section 19.15, each Qualified Bid must include

the following:


(1) The Qualified Bidder's legal name, address,

phone number, telefax number, the name and title of the individual

responsible for authorizing the Qualified Bid and identification

of the capacity rights for which the Qualified Bid is made;


(2) The term for the purchase;


(3) A Minimum Bid Volume and a Maximum Bid

Volume (in Dth per day);


(4) The fixed reservation charge and/or

volumetric charge that the Qualified Bidder agrees to pay for the

capacity (and if a volumetric charge, any minimum amount to be

billed as a reservation charge, which must be equal to or greater

than any such amount designated by the Releasing Shipper);


(5) A statement that the Qualified Bidder agrees

to all the terms and conditions of the Capacity Release Request,

with only the modifications as expressly provided in its Qualified

Bid, which modifications must be permitted by the Capacity Release

Request and must conform with the requirements in Section 19. In

the event that the Releasing Shipper has stated that Qualified

Bid(s) may be contingent upon subsequent events and the Qualified

Bidder submits such a contingent Qualified Bid, then the Qualified

Bidder must state in full the nature of the condition and the last

date by which the Qualified Bid is null and void if the

contingency does not occur; and


(6) Agreement that the Qualified Bidder is bound

by the terms and conditions of the capacity award by Trailblazer

pursuant to this Section 19 to the Qualified Bidder, including

Trailblazer's standard form of Agreement covering the Rate

Schedule applicable to the released capacity and the terms and

conditions of the Qualified Bid and the Capacity Release Request,

in accordance with Trailblazer's Tariff.