Trailblazer Pipeline Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/2010, Docket: RP10-492-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 150 First Revised Sheet No. 150

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 150





release which precludes selection of any primary point by the

Replacement Shipper which is outside the original primary path absent

the Releasing Shipper's consent. Where the choice of a primary point

entails a change to an existing primary point or the MDQ at that

existing primary point under the original Agreement (so that the

change would result in a loss of MDQ at that primary point under the

original contract), then subject to the availability of firm capacity

at the new point(s) and subject to any generally applicable point

change procedures of Trailblazer, a Shipper, a Replacement Shipper or

a Subreplacement Shipper may change the primary Receipt or Delivery

Points listed in the original Agreement to new point(s) if the

original Shipper agrees to amend the original Agreement to change the

primary Receipt and Delivery Point accordingly; provided, however,

that consent of the original Shipper shall not be required in the

case of a permanent release by that original Shipper of its firm

capacity. Trailblazer shall not be obligated to reserve firm

capacity to reinstate the former primary points upon expiration of

the segmentation or the capacity release unless Trailblazer allows

the Replacement Shipper or Subreplacement Shipper to change the point

without the Releasing Shipper having agreed to the point change, in

which latter case Trailblazer shall reinstate the primary point for

the Releasing Shipper.


(g) In the event that, notwithstanding Section 10.13,

Trailblazer receives nominations as a result of segmentation which,

if accepted, would result in an increase in its firm contractual

obligation on any portion or segment of its system, any such increase

resulting from segmentation of capacity shall be allocated among the

segmenting Shippers submitting nominations which create such an

increase, pro rata to their nominations, and the increase so

allocated shall be treated as a request for authorized overrun.


(h) The overrun provision of this Tariff shall apply to

each segment and the associated secondary point rights.




(a) Trailblazer shall have the right, without liability

to Shipper, to interrupt or curtail the transportation of Gas for

Shipper for reasons of force majeure; or when necessary, to test,

alter, modify, enlarge or repair any facility or property comprising

a part of, or appurtenant to, Trailblazer's pipeline System, or

otherwise related to the operation or maintenance thereof.

Trailblazer shall endeavor to cause a minimum of inconvenience to

Shipper because of such interruptions.