Trailblazer Pipeline Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/28/2007, Docket: RP08-168-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 149 Original Sheet No. 149 : Effective





the extent such nomination either increases the total confirmed

nominations in the area of overlap above the original contract MDQ or

represents an overrun of the MDQ for the nominating segment.


(d) The segment furthest upstream in relation to

direction of flow for the primary path under the Agreement being

segmented shall have the pooling point.


(e) The direction of flow for path segments must be the

same direction of flow as for the original path unless the releasing

Shipper designates otherwise with Trailblazer's agreement or unless such a

change in direction of flow is consistent with the Agreement. Trailblazer

will respond to any segmentation or segmented release request which would

entail a change in direction of flow under the contract within no more

than two (2) Business Days. Trailblazer will agree to such a change in

flow direction whenever it is operationally feasible, subject to

determination of the applicable rate. A Shipper may segment a backhaul,

but such segmentation shall be subject to review by Trailblazer on a case-

by-case basis as to whether a backhaul on each resulting segment is

operationally feasible. The Shipper (or Replacement Shipper in the case

of a release) may nominate service at Receipt and Delivery Points for the

path segment that results in a reverse flow from the original path;

however, a forward haul will be treated as being outside of the path if

the original path is a backhaul. Subject to the availability of point

capacity and to ordinary nomination procedures, deliveries may be made at

the same point for a forward haul on the upstream segment and a backhaul

of the downstream segment. The forward haul will have priority at the

point if the point capacity is not adequate.


(f) Subject to the availability of firm point capacity

and to the remainder of this subsection (f) and provided that the

resulting segments do not overlap, the Releasing and Replacement Shipper

involved in a segmented release may choose primary Receipt Points equal

to their respective contract MDQs after the release and primary Delivery

Points equal to their respective contract MDQs after the release;

provided, however, that any additional segment capacity required shall be

subject to the availability of such capacity on a firm basis and to

Trailblazer's generally applicable capacity award procedures and that the

award of any such capacity shall be limited to the term of the release.

Additional primary points may not be designated if a Shipper is releasing

to itself. Where a Replacement Shipper selects primary points which are

outside the primary path under the Releasing Shipper's contract (and thus

creates a new primary path at least partially outside the original

primary path), any recall by the Releasing Shipper will be of capacity

which contains the changed primary points, not the Releasing Shipper's

original primary points; provided that a Releasing Shipper specifying

recall rights in a release may include a provision in the