Trailblazer Pipeline Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/28/2007, Docket: RP08-168-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 113 Original Sheet No. 113 : Effective





(iv) In the Initial Open Season, all bids must be

submitted in the basic rate design then in effect on Trailblazer's

system and are constrained by the applicable maximum and minimum

rates. No bid with rates in the form of a Negotiated Rate or

Negotiated Rate Formula will be valid in an Initial Open Season.


(v) Trailblazer shall establish a reserve price

or reserve price matrix in every Initial Open Season, consistent with

Section 6.1(c)(5) of these General Terms and Conditions.


(vi) Unless otherwise specified in the posting, a

bidder may bid on all or any portion of the term for which the firm

capacity is available and on all or any portion of the capacity

available. Trailblazer shall make firm capacity available without any

term limit unless either that firm capacity is committed at some

future time under a then existing contract or that firm capacity is

operationally available only for a limited period of time. Any term

limit shall reflect such a contractual or operational constraint.

Trailblazer shall specify any such term limit, and the reason for the

term limit, in the posting. Trailblazer may only impose minimum

volume, geographical or term requirements on bids for operational

reasons, such as maintaining pressure or sustaining the minimum level

of prudent facility operations on any affected portion(s) of its



(vii) Trailblazer shall have the right to

terminate an Initial Open Season through a termination posting if

there is a material error in the Initial Open Season posting, which

error shall be explained in the termination posting. Trailblazer

shall have the right to extend an Initial Open Season for good cause,

as explained in the extension posting, or as specified in the original

Initial Open Season posting.


(viii) All bids received during the open season

period remain binding on the bidder through the end of the open season

unless withdrawn by bidder. A bidder may withdraw its bid at any time

during the open season, utilizing the same medium through which a bid

can be submitted. A bidder which has withdrawn a bid may submit a bid

with a higher value during the open season, but neither that bidder

nor any of its affiliates may submit during that open season a bid

with a lower value than the withdrawn bid [value is to be determined

applying the criteria in Section 6.1(c), consistent with the posting

for that open season], except if the withdrawn bid was withdrawn due

to a material error. A bidder may withdraw a bid for a material error

by notifying Trailblazer by the deadline for bids that the bid

contains a material error, which notification shall explain the

material error. If an open season is extended, a bidder is free to