Oktex Pipeline Company

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Effective Date: 09/01/2005, Docket: RP05-511-000, Status: Effective

Ninth Revised Sheet No. 39A Ninth Revised Sheet No. 39A : Effective

Superseding: Eighth Revised Sheet No. 39A

3. The IPP when fully operational will provide on-line

help, a search function that permits users to locate all information

concerning a specific transaction, and menus that permit users to

access separately each record in the transportation log, notices of

available capacity. The IPP will, to the extent necessary, permit

users to electronically download a file(s) from the IPP and to split

extremely large files into smaller files prior to such download.

Transporter will maintain and retain daily back-up records of the

information displayed on the IPP for three (3) years and permit

users to review those records, which will be archived and

reasonably accessible. Transporter will periodically purge

transactions from current IPP files when transactions have been

completed. Information on the most recent entries will appear ahead

of older information.


4. A user has the option to utilize the IPP for the

purposes of (a) requesting service and tracking service agreements;

(b) exercising its rights as an existing Shipper of Transporter pursuant

to Article XXXII of the General Terms and Conditions or submitting a

bid as a potential shipper of Transporter under such article; or (c)

participating in Transporter's capacity release program pursuant to

Article XXXIII of the General Terms andConditions.


5. Transporter shall inform, on a timely basis via the IPP,

all interested persons about the availability of firm and interruptible

capacity (a) at receipt points; (b) on each pipeline segment, and (c) at

delivery points, and whether such capacity is available directly from the

Transporter or indirectly from Transporter's capacity release program.

Transporter shall maintain both in written form and on its IPP a master

receipt point list containing the following information for each pipeline segment.

Such information shall be updated promptly when additional pipeline

segments or receipt points are added to the system.


a) Name of Receipt Point;

b) Meter number of receipt point;

c) Location (legal description) of receipt point;

d) Operator name and phone number to the extent available;

e) Availability of electronic gas measurement;

f) Receipt point design capacity;

g) Any firm capacity already assigned at the point;


6. Transporters electronic delivery mechanism (EDM) shall

comply with NAESB Standards 4.3.1, through 4.3.3, 4.3.8, 4.3.9, 4.3.10, 4.3.11,

4.3.13, and 4.3.15 through 4.3.92.


7. Trading partner agreements and minimum sites shall be in

accordance with NAESB Standard 4.3.12. The roles of senders and

receivers are defined as specified in NAESB Standard 4.3.14. Security

between transporter and trading partners will adhere to NAESB Standard


AGREEMENT is set forth on effective Sheet No.s 60Ethrough 60O.