Oktex Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/15/2002, Docket: RP01-183-001, Status: Effective

2nd Revised Sheet No. 30A 2nd Revised Sheet No. 30A : Effective

Superseding: 1st Revised Sheet No. 30A


2. Shipper shall make all necessary arrangements with other

parties at or upstream of the Receipt Point(s) where natural gas is delivered

to Transporter by Shipper or for Shipper's account, which

arrangements shall be compatible with Transporter's system

operations and coordinated with Transporter's dispatchers.


3. Transporter shall not be required to render transportation

service on behalf of Shipper in the event that all facilities necessary to

render such service do not exist at the time such service is



4. Shipper shall reimburse Transporter:

(a) For the costs of any facilities, other than

facilities included in Transporter's general system, installed by

Transporter with Shipper's consent to receive, measure, transport

or deliver natural gas for the account of Shipper;

(b) For any and all filing and approval fees required

in connection with the Gas Transportation Contract(s) between

Transporter and Shipper that Transporter is obligated to pay to

the FERC or any other governmental authority having jurisdiction;


(c) Any reimbursement due Transporter by Shipper

pursuant to this Section 4 shall be due and payable to

Transporter within ten (10) days of receipt by Shipper of

Transporter's invoice(s) for same.

5. Subject to the requirements of Section 7 of the Natural Gas

Act, Transporter shall not be required to render or to continue to

render transportation service on behalf of any Shipper that has

applied for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code or on behalf of

any Shipper which, at Transporter's request, fails within a

fifteen (15) day period to demonstrate and maintain credit

worthiness, provided however, that Transporter shall render or

continue to render transportation service for any such Shipper

which prepays for such service or which, upon fifteen (15) days

notice by Transporter, furnishes good and sufficient security

bond or other good and sufficient security as Transporter in its

reasonable discretion deems acceptable, of a continuing nature

and in an amount equal to the cost of performing the

transportation service request for a two (2) month period.