Oktex Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/01/2010, Docket: RP10-205-001, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 17 Eighth Revised Sheet No. 17

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 17




Table of Contents (Continued)




XXI. Unauthorized Monthly Underdelivery At Receipt

Point and Remedy _____________________________________ 35


XXII. Unauthorized Monthly Overrun At Delivery

Point and Remedy _____________________________________ 35


XXIII. Unauthorized Monthly Underrun At Delivery

Point and Remedy _____________________________________ 36


XXIV. Incorporation in Rate Schedules and Gas

Transportation Contracts _____________________________ 37


XXV. Service Agreement ______________________________________ 37


XXVI. Credit Worthiness ______________________________________ 37


XXVII. Relationship with Marketing Affiliate __________________ 38


XXVIII. Complaint Procedures ___________________________________ 39


XXIX. Valid Request Information ______________________________ 39


XXX. Procedures to Inform Shippers-Informational Posting

Page and Customers

Activities Web Page __________________________ 39


XXXI. Gas Research Institute Adjustment and FERC Annual

Charge Adjustment ___________________________________ 39C


XXXII. Procedures For Avoidance of Pregranted Abandonment _____ 40


XXXIII. Capacity Release ______________________________________ 40A.01


XXXIV. Crediting of Penalty Revenue __________________________ 40G


XXXV. Operational Flow Orders _______________________________ 40G


XXXVI. Segmentation __________________________________________ 40H


XXXVII. Third Party Imbalance Management ______________________ 40I


XXXVIII. Netting and Trading of Imbalances 40K


XXXIX. North American Energy Standards Board__________________ 40K


Service Request Form _________________________________ 41


Form of Electronic Data Interchange Trading

Partner Agreement ___________________________________ 60E