Questar Southern Trails Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2002, Docket: RP02-318-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 95 Original Sheet No. 95 : Effective




(b) The credit shall be calculated pro rata based

on each Shipper's RDC payments (exclusive of surcharges)

during each applicable twelve-month period and shall be

reflected on each Shipper's monthly bill within three months

following the end of each twelve-month period. Any payments

made under this provision shall include interest at the rate

specified in 18 C.F.R. 154.501(d) accruing from the end of

the twelve-month accounting period until payment is made.


(c) Southern Trails shall not credit to Rate

Schedule FT Shippers any revenues resulting from interruptible

transportation service made possible through a system

expansion, or from the occurrence of other costs that are not

included in firm charges set forth on the Statement of Rates.




17.1 Notice of Intent. If, by reason of an event of

force majeure, either Southern Trails or Shipper is rendered

unable, wholly or in part, to perform its obligations under a

transportation service agreement, other than to make payments

when due, and if the party gives notice of the event within a

reasonable period of time and provides full particulars of the

event either in writing, by facsimile or via electronic means

after the occurrence of an event of force majeure,

nonperformance of the party giving the notice shall be excused

during the continuance of the event and to the extent its

performance is affected by the event. The party claiming

force majeure shall use due diligence to remedy its nonperfor-


mance as soon as possible, including the making of provision

for any alternate performance as may be economical and



17.2 Discharge of Obligations. No event of force

majeure affecting the performance by Southern Trails or

Shipper shall relieve the party of liability in the event of

failure to use due diligence to remedy the situation and to

remove the cause in an adequate manner and with all reasonable

dispatch, nor shall such causes or contingencies affecting

performance relieve either party from its obligations to make

payments as determined under the applicable rate schedule.

Any event of force majeure which results in Southern Trails'

inability to transport all or any portion of Shipper's gas or

any event of force majeure which results in Shipper's

inability to tender gas to Southern Trails for transportation

shall not operate to suspend or otherwise affect in any way

Shipper's obligation to pay the applicable reservation charge