Questar Southern Trails Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/15/2009, Docket: RP09-592-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 68A Original Sheet No. 68A




for a Shipper which is a debtor in possession operating under Chapter XI of

the Federal Bankruptcy Act if Southern Trails is assured that the service

billing will be paid promptly as a cost of administration under the federal

court's jurisdiction, based on a court order in effect, and if the Shipper is

continuing and continues in the future actually to make payment.


(5) Whether Shipper is subject to any lawsuits or

judgments outstanding which could materially impact its ability to remain



(6) Whether Shipper has or has had any delinquent

balances outstanding for services provided previously by Southern Trails and

whether Shipper is paying and has paid its account balances according to the

terms established in its service agreements (excluding amounts as to which

there is a good faith dispute).


(7) The nature of the Shipper's business and the

effect on that business of general economic conditions and economic

conditions specific to it, including Shipper's ability to recover the costs

of Southern Trails' services through filings with regulatory agencies or

otherwise to pass on such costs to its customers.


(8) Any other information, including any information

provided by Shipper, that is relevant to Shipper's current and future

financial strength and Shipper's ability to make full payment over the term

of the contract.


(9) Information which Southern Trails may request to

be provided by Shipper to Southern Trails in connection with such a credit

evaluation includes the following:


a. Audited Financial Statements;


b. Annual Reports;


c. Most recent statements filed with the

Securities and Exchange Commission (or an equivalent authority) or other

similar publicly available information;


d. For public entities, the most recent

publicly available interim financial statements, with an attestation by its

Chief Financial Officer, Controller, or equivalent (CFO) that such statements

constitute a true, correct, and fair representation of the Shipper's

financial condition prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting

Principles (GAAP) or equivalent;