Questar Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/07/2002, Docket: RP02-357-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 179F Original Sheet No. 179F : Effective





will be available to FSS shippers allocated based on the

formula in 10.2(a) of Part 3 of this tariff. If the PAL1

compressor has any remaining injection capacity after

serving PAL1 shippers and FSS shippers, it will be available

to ISS shippers, based on the formula in Section 10.2(a) of

Part 3 of this tariff.


(c) Questar reserves the right to inject or

withdraw gas up to the amounts allocated by 10.2 of Part 3

of this tariff at any time that Questar requires storage

service to maintain load balancing and operational control

of its system.


7.3 Hourly Variation. The requirements and terms of

10.6 of the General Terms and Conditions of Part 3 of this

tariff shall apply to PAL1 service.


7.4 Operational Flow Orders. Questar may issue an OFO

requiring PAL1 shippers to take all or a portion of their

parked quantities and return all or a portion of their

loaned quantities within the period of time specified in the

notice in order to preserve the rights of FSS shippers or to

protect the integrity of the Clay Basin reservoir or

Questar's transmission system, to cure a PAL1 shipper's

account balance or to deal with any operational difficulties

on Questar's system. A shipper shall be afforded reasonable

opportunity consistent with existing operational conditions

to respond to Questar's OFO, provided that neither timing of

issuance nor non-issuance will excuse a shipper's failure to

comply with commitments to deliver or receive gas on

scheduled dates as required in the PAL1 agreement and this



Questar shall notify shipper by telephone, or fax and

via Critical Notices on Informational Postings upon issuance

of an OFO. The notice shall specify (i) the time and date

of issuance of the notice, (ii) the actions that an affected

shipper is required to take, (iii) the nature of the problem

sought to be addressed, (iv) the time by which an affected

shipper must comply with the OFO, and (v) the anticipated

duration of the OFO (unless otherwise indicated in the

notice, the OFO will remain in effect until Questar contacts

the affected shippers). Shippers must notify Questar of the

name and telephone number of a person who will be available

on a 24-hour basis to receive notice of the issuance of an

OFO. After an occurrence of an OFO, Questar will provide