Questar Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/23/2001, Docket: RP01-233-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 92 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 92 : Effective

Superseding: 2 Sub. Fourth Revised Sheet No. 92





the payment of the reservation charges corresponding to the

released capacity will be applied to the releasing shipper's

bill. The releasing shipper will also be billed any

negotiated marketing fee.


(b) Questar will bill the replacement shipper

based on the rates specified in the service agreement and

any other applicable charges, including pipeline and storage

usage charges. The replacement shipper must pay the billed

amount directly to Questar.


(c) If a replacement shipper fails to pay

Questar, Questar will notify the releasing shipper that the

conditional credit has been reversed and of the amount due,

including interest calculated in accordance with 18 C.F.R.

154.501(d). This amount must be paid by the releasing

shipper. If the replacement shipper subsequently pays

Questar, Questar will credit the amount received to the

releasing shipper.


18.3 Crediting of Interruptible Revenues.


(a) Questar will retain 100 percent of the first

$800,000 of revenues received from Rate Schedule T-2

transportation service during each twelve-month period

beginning February 1 of each year (initially February 1,

1996) and ending January 31 of each subsequent year. During

the same time period, Questar will credit Rate Schedule T-1

shippers with 50 percent of all Rate Schedule T-2

transportation service revenues that exceed $800,000 but are

no more than $1,200,000, and 75 percent of Rate Schedule T-2

revenues exceeding $1,200,000. All credits to Rate Schedule

T-1 shippers shall be net of variable costs.


The credit shall be calculated pro rata based on each

shipper's RDC payments (exclusive of surcharges) during each

applicable twelve-month period and shall be reflected on

each shipper's monthly bill within three months following

the end of each twelve-month period. Any payments made

under this provision shall include interest at the rate

specified in 18 C.F.R. 154.501(d) accruing from the end of

the twelve-month accounting period until payment is made.


Questar shall not credit to Rate Schedule T-1 shippers

any revenues resulting from interruptible transportation

service made possible through a system expansion, or from