Questar Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2009, Docket: RP09-1030-000, Status: Effective

Sixteenth Revised Sheet No. 46 Sixteenth Revised Sheet No. 46

Superseding: Fifteenth Revised Sheet No. 46






1.49 Shipper means any party who (a) is receiving service according to

an effective rate schedule under this tariff, (b) has executed a service

agreement under any rate schedule, or (c) has completed a request for service

under Rate Schedules T-1, NNT, T-2, PAL2, PKS, FSS, ISS or PAL1.


1.50 Storage or storage service means the injection, storage and

withdrawal of natural gas at a storage reservoir.


1.51 System means the pipeline, storage, appurtenant facilities and any

compression and related facilities owned by Questar.


1.52 Time means that references to time in all parts of this tariff are

Central Clock Time, unless otherwise noted.


1.53 Unauthorized overrun means that quantity of gas by which shipper

exceeds, without Questar's consent, shipper's RDC.


Upon the occurrence of unauthorized overrun, Questar will notify shipper

whether the overrun is a critical or non-critical event, i.e., whether or not

it causes operational problems. Shipper shall pay the indicated rate in the

Statement of Rates for all unauthorized overrun service. Any associated

revenue, above administrative costs, will be credited to all non-offending



1.54 Year means a period of 365 consecutive days beginning noon January

1, or 366 consecutive days if such period includes February 29, unless

otherwise specified.




2.1 Informational Postings and Questline. Questar will provide an

internet web site for informational postings, and interactive systems for

contracting/capacity release and nominations/confirmations (the interactive

systems are collectively referred to as Questline) on a nondiscriminatory

basis to any party that has compatible computer equipment and communication

software. The informational postings will include the information listed in

NAESB Standard 4.3.23.


2.2 Access. Entry to Questar's informational postings is available to

all parties. Informational postings can be read using a standard browser.

This information will not require a logon and password and can be accessed

via the central address repository site identified in § 2.10.