Questar Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/2008, Docket: RP07-457-000, Status: Effective

Eleventh Revised Sheet No. 45 Eleventh Revised Sheet No. 45 : Effective

Superseding: Tenth Revised Sheet No. 45





1.38 Primary receipt or delivery point means a receipt or delivery point

on Questar's system where the shipper has contracted for firm capacity.


1.39 Products means liquid and liquefiable hydrocarbons, inerts

(including, but not limited to, helium and nitrogen), sulfur, water and any

other component of gas removed by processing or compression, or by means of

drips or separators.


1.40 Psia expresses pressure in pounds per square inch absolute.


1.41 Psig expresses pressure in pounds per square inch gauge.


1.42 Questar means Questar Pipeline Company or Questar Pipeline

Company, Clay Basin Storage Division.


1.43 Questline means the contracting/capacity release and

nominations/confirmations systems.


1.44 Recallable capacity means firm capacity that is released subject

to the releasing shipper's right to recall capacity during the term of the



1.45 Receipt point means a point at which gas is received from shipper.


1.46 Reserved daily capacity or RDC means the quantity of gas in Dth per

day that Questar is obligated to receive, transport and deliver to shipper on

a firm basis.


1.47 Releasing shipper means any shipper holding firm capacity rights

under a transportation or storage service agreement under Rate Schedules T-1,

PKS and FSS that releases firm capacity.


1.48 Replacement shipper means any shipper that acquires firm released

capacity from a releasing shipper.