Honeoye Storage Corporation

Original Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 08/01/2000, Docket: CP00- 93-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 93 Original Sheet No. 93 : Effective


(e) shall not contain more than four percent (4%) by volume of a combined

total of carbon dioxide and nitrogen components; provided, however, that

the total carbon dioxide content shall not exceed three (3%) by volume.


(f) shall have a temperature of not more than one hundred twenty degrees

(120) Fahrenheit;


(g) shall have been dehydrated for removal of entrained water present therein

in a vapor state, and in no event contain more than seven (7) pounds of

entrained water per million cubic feet, at a pressure base of fourteen and

seventy three hundredths (14.73) pounds per square inch and a

temperature of sixty degrees (60) Fahrenheit as determined by dew-point

apparatus approved by the Bureau of Mines of such other apparatus as

may be mutually agreed upon.


(h) shall not contain polychlorinated biphenyls.


In the event Transporter is granted authority by the FERC to change the quality

specifications set forth in its transportation tariff in a manner which materially

differs from the quality specifications set forth in this tariff, then Seller agrees to

waive the affected quality specifications of this tariff and to apply the approved

quality specifications of the Transporter's tariff in substitution thereof. Customer

shall notify Seller, in writing, within ten (10) days of approval by the FERC of

any such changes to Transporters tariff.


7.3 Failure to Meet Specifications. Should any Gas Tendered for injection or

withdrawal hereunder fail at any time to conform to any of the specifications of

this Article, the affected party shall notify the other party of any such failure and

the affected party may at its option suspend all or a portion of the receipt of any

such Gas, and shall be relieved of obligations hereunder for the duration of such

time as the Gas does not meet such specifications.


7.4 Notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary, if the gas delivered or

redelivered hereunder fails at any time to conform to any of the specifications of

this Article, including, but not limited to, failure at any time to have a Total

Heating Value per cubic Foot of at least nine hundred and sixty-seven (967) Btus,

the party to whom such gas is being delivered or redelivered may notify the other

party of such failure and may, at its option, reject further deliveries or redeliveries