Honeoye Storage Corporation

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Effective Date: 08/01/2000, Docket: CP00- 93-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 89 Original Sheet No. 89 : Effective


hereunder, and to provide Seller with reasonable notice thereof in order that it

may be present. The records and charts from such measuring equipment shall

remain the property of Transporter but Customer shall cause Transporter to

provide, upon request, to Seller such records and charts, or reproductions thereof,

together with calculations therefrom for inspection and verification. Original

records or charts so submitted will be returned within thirty (30) days after receipt

thereof. Additionally, Customer shall cause Transporter to give Seller the option

to install at any time and at its own expense, such ancillary materials and

equipment which will access measurement data on a real time basis and transmit

such data to its operating location.


6.9 Check Measuring Equipment: Unless otherwise agreed among Customer,

Transporter, and Seller, Customer shall cause Transporter to allow Seller to

install, maintain and operate, at its own expense, such check measuring equipment

as it shall desire at the Point of Injection/Withdrawal, and further cause

Transporter to provide a suitable site therefore and allow Seller free access to and

use of the site; provided that such equipment shall be so installed, maintained and

operated as not to interfere with the operation or maintenance of Transporter's

measuring equipment at the Point of Injection/Withdrawal. Customer or

Transporter shall have free access to the check measuring equipment at all

reasonable hours. The reading, calibrating and adjusting thereof and the changing

of charts shall be done by Seller , but Customer or Transporter shall be given

reasonable notice thereof. Customer shall cause Transporter to allow Seller to

remove any of Seller's equipment at any time. It is expressly agreed that

Customer or Transporter shall not be responsible or liable for the care or

maintenance or for damage, unless due to the negligence of Customer and/or

Transporter, to or regarding such check measuring equipment installed by or on

behalf of Seller.


6.10 Failure of Measuring Equipment: Seller and Customer agree that if for any reason

Transporter's measuring equipment is out of service or out of repair so that the

quantity of gas delivered is not correctly indicated by the reading thereof, the gas

delivered during the period such measuring equipment is out of service or out of

repair shall be estimated and agreed upon on the basis of the best data available,

using the first of the following methods which is feasible:


(a) by using the registration of any check meter or meters if installed and

accurately registering; or