Honeoye Storage Corporation

Original Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 02/21/2009, Docket: RP09-263-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 18A Third Revised Sheet No. 18A : Pending

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 18A

(iii) Partial Day Release Quantity

The daily contractual entitlement that can be released by a Releasing Customer

for a partial day release is limited to the lesser of:


(i) the quantity contained in the Customer Notice submitted by the Releasing

Customer, or

(ii) a quantity equal to the difference between the MDWQ or MDIQ, as

applicable, for the contract to be released by the Releasing Customer and

the amount scheduled for that period of the day prior to the release of the

capacity, based upon the elapsed-prorated-scheduled quantity.


This allocated daily contractual entitlement shall be used for purposes of

nominations, billing, and if applicable for overrun calculations.



(a) Releasing Customer shall have the right to release capacity without posting for

bidding pursuant to Section 7.1 hereof if (i) prompt notice of the release is provided to Seller for

posting on the EBB prior to the first nomination containing the information set forth in Section

7.1(a) applicable to such release and (ii) such release is for any period of 31 days or less, is a

release of capacity for more than one year at the maximum rate the Releasing Customer is

obligated to pay, or is a release to an “asset manager” or to a “marketer participating in a state-

regulated retail access program” as defined in the Commission’s regulations as set forth in

Section 284.8(h);


(b) The notice provided to Seller for posting on its EBB must identify such asset

manager or marketer. If the release is to an asset manager, the notice to Seller also must include

the volumetric level of the asset manager’s delivery or purchase obligation, and the time period

during which that obligation is in effect. In addition, such notice shall specify any deadlines

applicable to capacity recalls by the Releasing Customer.


7. 3 EXECUTION OF SERVICE AGREEMENT. Service Agreements for Biddable

and non-biddable prearranged capacity releases will be tendered within one hour after Seller

awards capacity or Seller is notified of the deal.