Canyon Creek Compression Company

First Revised Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 05/01/1991, Docket: RP91-123-000, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 24 Substitute Original Sheet No. 24 : Superseded





13.4 Customer must deliver and receive all service provided

under this Rate Schedule FCS in accordance with volumes scheduled

and the tolerance limits contained in Section 10 hereof.


13.5 Customer shall make all necessary arrangements with

other parties at or upstream of the Canyon receipt point(s) where it

tenders gas to Canyon for transportation and compression, and such

arrangements shall otherwise meet the terms and conditions of this

Rate Schedule FCS. Such arrangements shall be coordinated with

Canyon's Gas Control Department.


13.6 Canyon shall not be required to perform service under

this Rate Schedule FCS unless all facilities necessary to render the

requested service exist and are in good operating condition.


13.7 For each individual point(s) of receipt and delivery,

Canyon's maximum obligation to accept and deliver gas shall be

specified in the FCS Agreement.


13.8 Canyon shall not be required to perform service under

this Rate Schedule FCS on behalf of any Customer that fails to

comply with any and all of the terms of this Rate Schedule FCS and

of the FCS Agreement.


13.9 Customer shall deliver gas or cause gas to be delivered

to Canyon at the point(s) of receipt at a pressure sufficient to

allow the gas to enter Canyon's System, as such pressure shall vary

from time to time. Canyon shall not be required to lower its System

operating pressure, alter the direction of gas flow, the gas load,

or other operation or utilization of its facilities or otherwise

change its normal System operations in order to receive, transport

or deliver gas hereunder. At each point(s) of receipt, Customer

shall provide, or cause to be provided, equipment acceptable to

Canyon which will prevent overpressuring Canyon's System.


13.10 Canyon shall deliver gas at each point(s) of delivery to

or for the account of Customer at the pressure which shall be

available from time to time in Canyon's System after required

measurement, flow control, and/or regulation.