Canyon Creek Compression Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 57-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 173 Original Sheet No. 173 : Effective







Unless otherwise agreed upon, Canyon will install,

maintain and operate or cause to be installed, maintained and

operated measuring stations equipped with flow meters and other

necessary metering and measuring equipment by which the volumes of

gas received and Equivalent Volumes delivered hereunder shall be

determined. Shipper may install check measuring equipment at its

own cost and expense; provided such equipment shall be so installed

as not to interfere with the operations of Canyon. Canyon and

Shipper, in the presence of each other, shall have access to the

other's measuring equipment at all reasonable times but the reading,

calibrating and adjusting of electronic computer components and/or

mechanical recording instruments thereof and the changing of charts

shall be done only by the equipment owner or such owner's

representative, unless otherwise agreed upon. Both Canyon and

Shipper shall have the right to be present at the time of any

installing, reading, cleaning, changing, repairing, inspecting,

testing, calibrating, or adjusting done in connection with the

other's measuring equipment; provided, however, failure of either

Canyon or Shipper to witness such an operation shall not affect the

validity of such operation in any way. The records from such

measuring equipment shall remain the property of its owner, but upon

request, each will submit within ten (10) days to the other its

records and charts, together with calculations therefrom, for

inspection, subject to return within thirty (30) days after receipt

thereof. The measurement equipment of Shipper shall be for check

purposes only and, except as expressly provided herein shall not be

used in the measurement of gas for the purposes of this Tariff.




Orifice meters shall be installed and gas volumes

computed, in accordance with the standards prescribed in ANSI/API

2530 entitled, "Orifice Metering of Natural Gas, which Incorporates

Gas Measurement Committee Report #3 of the American Gas

Association," revised and reprinted, September, 1969, and any

subsequent amendments Canyon may adopt in the exercise of its

reasonable judgment.